What I Wish I Knew

Everyone says hindsight is 20/20 right? Well, that is certainly the case when it comes to learning the lessons college life brings. Arriving on campus as a freshman, students are wide-eyed and hopeful for everything college will bring. New friends, activities, and opportunities are around every corner, all valuable tools to make the most of the college atmosphere. Like starting a new job, or going somewhere for the first time, there are always unknowns. It is the unknowns, however, that grow and stretch students into success. Nevertheless, one can avoid learning the hard way, by looking to the experience of others for the tricks of the trade, the helpful hints and the lessons learned only from experience.

In hopes to act as a guiding hand for those freshmen, here are four Auburn students who describe what they wish someone had told them and what they would tell themselves as they stepped foot into the next four years.

Matthew Youngblood, Junior, Building Science

“Something that I wish I knew now, that I didn’t know then, are all the dining options on campus,” Youngblood says.

“I just went to Terrell this semester, and it is a lot closer to all of the classes,” Youngblood adds.

Working to offer students the best college experience, Auburn University’s Campus Dining offers a dynamic assortment of dining options throughout campus. This accommodates the different taste buds and busy schedules of Auburn’s diverse student body. As a freshman, be sure to explore all the dining options Auburn offers. From barbecue to donuts, Auburn’s campus is littered with venues to satisfy all your cravings.

Mallory Smith, Senior, Accounting

“Something I wish someone would have told me coming into college is to fully enjoy the differences in all the people I am going to meet,” Smith says. “Therefore, I could learn as much as possible from everyone and all of their life experiences instead of waiting until junior or senior year to realize that there is exponential value in the differences in every person.”

Auburn acknowledges and values the benefits that a diverse campus community provides. Auburn students are prepared for life and leadership in a multicultural world. Be sure you take advantage of that as you walk onto campus.

Travis Adcox, Senior, Finance

“If I  could go back and tell myself something my freshman year, I would say, ‘find a church to get plugged into’. I would make my friends based around my church,” Adcox says.

No matter your religious background, students have ample opportunities to continue to grow and connect. Offering various religious organizations on campus like Baptist Campus Ministries, Muslim Students Association, Reformed University Fellowship, and Campus Crusade for Christ, Auburn is dedicated to catering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all students.

Payton Beck, Senior, Public Relations

“I wish I would have known, going into college that it is okay not to have your life together,” Beck says.

“Sometimes I felt the pressure that you had to be on your A-game 24/7 and that is just not the case. You just roll with the punches and it is all going to be okay.”

Auburn has a unique way of stretching, challenging and nurturing students in a way that prepares them whatever their future brings. Like Beck states, it is okay not to know, it is okay to ask for help and it is okay to make mistakes and learn the hard way. It is important, though, to look to those who have already completed the journey to maybe save yourself from a few of those mistakes. Cherish these precious years, you have an amazing adventure waiting ahead of you. Make the most of it.