The Single Gal’s Valentine’s Day: A SWOT Analysis

images-1.pngAlthough I personally am not the Valentine’s Day type of girl, for reasons unknown to me, a lot of people are. I assume that comes with a serious relationship or the blossoming of a new beau, but nonetheless, I have not made it there. In order to help myself and others like me further understand this holiday, I have put together a logical, research-based SWOT analysis on being a single gal during Valentine’s Day. Based on experience as well as primary and secondary research, I have laid out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

First up, strengths. Strengths are internal factors that increase the overall productivity or image within an organization, company, or in this case, holiday.

 Strength #1: There is no pressure.

giphyIn my opinion, this is the most obvious strength of being single during Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to pick out the perfect outfit, plan a fun but not too serious date or worry about buying a gift that sends the wrong message. You can throw on the sweats and relax because you have no expectations. Can you say Grey’s Anatomy marathon? Because I can.

Strength #2: You save money.

All of the things mentioned above (clothes, dates and gifts) require money. So, when those are off the table, you get to save that money and use it on other, more fun things. No need to spend that $50 on the extra large teddy bear. *cha-ching*

Next are weaknesses. Weaknesses also evaluate internal factors. Weaknesses highlight where the organization could see improvement.

Weakness #1: You won’t be getting any gifts on Valentine’s Day.

I know, it’s a real shame and it lessens the anticipation around Valentine’s Day significantly. Without presents, Valentine’s Day is just like the often-overlooked St. Patrick’s Day or President’s Day for us single folks. But hey, this doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself something nice, am I right?


Weakness #2: All your friends in relationships are out of commission.

The fact of the matter is that most people in relationships will have something planned for Valentine’s Day. That means all of your couple friends are booked up for Feb. 14. It’s an unfortunate truth that adds to the list of weaknesses Valentine’s Day provides.

Now, opportunities. Opportunities gauge the external factors affecting an organization. Opportunities evaluate the market and highlight where there are possible footholds to capitalize on.

Opportunity #1: The infamous Galentine’s Day.

Without plans on Valentine’s Day, you are now free to have what I like to call “Galentine’s Day.” If you haven’t heard, Galentine’s Day is a celebration with all your single ladies and is the best way to forget about all your Valentine’s Day woes. Plus, all your single friends will be glad they now have plans for the day. Double win.

Opportunity #2
: Sugary goodness.

It seems like everyone uses Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to bring candy, doughnuts or other goodies to the office or classroom. If you are lucky, you could have the chance to dive into the baked goods only holidays bring. Another plus is the half off candy section starting bright and early on Feb. 15th. Yep, I said it.

Finally, threats. Threats look at factors outside the organization that could have negative implications for the company or that could affect the market as a whole.

giphy-3Threat #1: The constant reminder that you are single.

Throughout the day, no matter how secure you are, it seems like Valentine’s Day is happy to throw in your face the fact that you don’t have “a person.” It is a threat that, unless you are kept busy enough, will likely present itself at some point on Valentine’s Day.

Threat #2: Repeating this cycle again next year.

Hey, being single on Valentine’s Day is not the worst thing, as you can see. But nonetheless, we all hope the next year brings you all love and happiness.


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