Spring Break 2017: The Last Hoorah

adulting.pngBeing a senior, with graduation right around the corner, I am seeing the adult life pop up right before my eyes, a concept I find both exciting and extremely alarming. But nevertheless, whether I am ready or not, adulting is about to hit me full force.

With that being said, I am still *technically* college gal and because of that, I will shamelessly take advantage of the last few perks college life brings.

Though adulthood comes with a lot of pros itself, there are also some very unfortunate and obvious cons. Some of which being, not living with your besties, having to consider things like taxes, the social inappropriateness of eating pizza at any time of day, and having to look “put together” at all times. I believe one of the most upsetting downsides to the “real world,” though, is not being awarded a much-needed hiatus at the dawn of a new season. Yes, I am talking about spring break. sb Since I am on the cusp of my college days being behind me, I have decided that I will not fall victim to wasting away this precious gem. So, in order to get the most out of my last spring break ever, I have put together goals, objectives, strategies and tactics to ensure that this is the best spring break possible.

Goal: To make the most of my last hoorah.

Objective 1: To participate in at least 5 fun activities throughout the week. What is spring break without a little adventure? Whether it’s road trips or “staycations,” fun must be had in order to deem a week off as worthwhile.

Strategy: Bachelorette Trip to Savannah. Another perk of growing up is the fact that all your friends are getting married. You get to go to the parties, host the showers and shop for the nifty little monogram coasters. It is a dream. For part of the spring break week, I will be doing all these things while celebrating one of my sweetest friends’ last few weeks as a single lady.

friendsTactic: Quality friend time. This tactic won’t be hard to come by throughout my time in Savannah. Three whole days of nothing but laughs and talks with some of my best friends. Tell me something better than that. I’ll wait.

Tactic: Good food. “Foodies” would be an understatement when describing me and my friends. A good brunch spot is non-negotiable and coffee shops are researched months in advance.

Tactic: Shopping. As cliche as it sounds, shopping is absolutely necessary for a girl’s trip to, well anywhere really. There is nothing like striking gold at a hole in the wall boutique.

Objective 2: To see AT LEAST a 25% decrease in stress levels by the end of the week. With this objective, I aim to unwind, recharge and basically neglect all responsibilities. Just being honest.  sb

Strategy: Direct focus away from school-related topics. As you may have guessed, most of my stress these days comes from school and “real world” woes. Therefore, for the week of spring break, I will de-stress by pushing school out, thus freeing up some space for more fun, less exhausting thoughts filling my brain space.

popcornTactic: Netflix. Netflix, in my opinion, is one of the single greatest inventions ever. It plays perfectly into my “avoid everything” mentality for the week. I WILL start that second season and I WILL enjoy that second bag of popcorn while I’m at it. Will I be sorry? No, I will not.

Tactic: Mom time. No matter how old you are, where you live or how “independent” you call yourself, nothing can make you feel better than a classic mom visit. Nothing.

So, after all that analysis and planning, based on the outlined goals, objectives, strategies and tactics, I don’t see why this spring break can’t exceed expectations. But, I’ll keep you posted.

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