Dear, Me.

giphy-3We all come into college with high hopes of freedom, new experiences and friends. College is absolutely all of these things, or at least it was for me. However, there are aspects of the college experience that you learn the hard way. It is full of decisions you make that you immediately regret and the lessons you learn along the way.  I have put together a few tips and tricks I would have told myself as I stepped foot into some of the best years ever.

1. Get involved.

Involvement is key in getting the most out of college and Auburn especially. On those days when you are on the concourse and everyone is thrusting fliers in your face. Yeah, read them. Get to know what is going on throughout campus and try it out! I didn’t realize all of the organizations, clubs and opportunities Auburn offers until later in my college career.

2. Check the room number before going in a classroom……and then check it again.

I learned this lesson the hard way, in the spring of my freshman year. I had taken Italian I the previous semester, and was eager to get into my Italian II classroom, maybe a little too eager. I glanced at the room number and confidently walked into class, I was a SECOND-semester freshman, after all, I knew what I was doing. (HA) As soon as I entered, I knew something was wrong. Scheduled to have the same professor from Italian I, I was surprised to be face to face with a woman of Asian decent, not Italian. Nevertheless, I found a seat and took the paper she was handing out. The longer I sat, the redder my face got. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was actually in a Mandarin Chinese class, not my Italian class. I quietly slid out of my seat and bolted for the door. I am certain I know what was said as soon as I got out of the room, “Wow, what a freshman move,” and it was. #rookie. giphy.gif

3. School will is only half of college, relationships are just as important.

You have probably heard it said, “you make your best friends in college!” Well, I am here to tell you that it is true. The friends I have made in the last four years I have no doubt will be forever friends. I have always strived to do my best in my academics, however, if I could go back, I would tell my freshman self that school will still be there. Invest in more time in existing friends and making new ones.

giphy-1.gif4. Video the last second of the 2013 Iron Bowl.

You’re welcome.

5. Your best days are ahead of you!

I believe this about every season of life so I would make sure to tell myself this again as a newbie heading into college. If you go in with a joy and hope about what is to come, I believe that phase of life will be marked with fulfillment and happiness.
giphy-5.gifAll in all, my college days have been nothing short of amazing. The people, the opportunities, the experiences and the best school in the nation have made for a season of life that I will always cherish. This one will be hard to top, but I am excited to see what is to come!


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